IGI 皮紋教學 Dermatoglyphics Classes

IGI提供關於皮紋學的教學課程,其中Level 1 內容包括7種基本的紋型和十個腦區的基本知識,而IGI Level 2 和3課程則會更深入涵蓋更多不同種類的紋型和其他關於皮紋報告的細節,讓學生日後懂得自行分析皮紋。

IGI provides basic to advanced dermatoglyphics classes to parents who are interested in learning about the area of science. Our Level 1 course will cover some of the basic fingerprint patterns and what they are often associated with. The fundamentals of dermatoglyphics with regards to the relationship between the 10 fingers and the 10 areas of the brain will included in the class's content. Our Level 2 and Level 3 courses are more in-depth as it covers a wider range of fingerprints in detail from which students can learn more about the rationales and the workings behind the dermatoglyphics reports. This equips students with the necessary tools to carry out dermatoglyphics analysis on their own.


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IGI 皮紋分析報告 Dermatoglyphics Report


IGI's dermatoglyphics report helps parents with discovering their children’s talents. Aside from formulating the reports, Janey and Rose will also personally meet with the students to help them better understand the contents of the reports and help provide advice for them resolve any issues or worries that they might have with regards to the results of the reports. The content of the report includes a score for each of the brain areas, the weighting between the left and right brain areas, insights into the persons learning style, advice for learning and career development, etc. IGI also provides basic to advanced dermatoglyphics classes to parents who are interested to learn more about the area.